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Proposal ID118
ProposalRevised GPUS Fiscal Policy
PresenterThe Steering, Finance, and Fundraising Committees
Floor ManagerJake Schneider
Discussion11/29/2004 - 01/02/2005
Voting01/03/2005 - 01/09/2005
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum38 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The Green Party of The United States Rules and Procedures were put into effect
on March 14, 2002. Obviously much has changed since that time in particular with
the fiscal policies. The Finance Committee has been working on revisions for
the current version for most of 2004. This version that will be discussed and
voted on shall become effective January 1, 2005 if approved. The Finance
Committee in coordination with Steering and Fundraising Committees have
consensus on this draft that you see before you. It is a compilation of
previously passed proposals, committee, caucus and network bylaws, rules,
policies and procedures as well as new and revised content of the current Rules
and Procedures.


Updated January 1, 2005



The Steering Committee shall review recommendations
by the Finance Committee and administer Green Party
fundraising and proposed expenditures.



These fiscal policies are intended to make possible a higher level of Green political
activity, while safeguarding the independence of the Green Party, the autonomy of its
member parties, and the accountability of its political and fiscal officers.


Individuals: Contributions from individuals will be accepted in amounts as permitted
by law and all excess contributions will be returned. The names of all individuals
contributors will be in the public domain.

Organizations: No contributions will be accepted from political action committees
(PACs) without the express authorization of the National Committee. Grants or
contributions from foundations or other non-profit organizations will be accepted
up to a limit of $2000 per year per grantor.

No contributions will be accepted from for-profit corporations.

The Treasurers annual report to the National Committee will partially consist
of the most recent Federal Elections Commission report which is viewable in the
public domain and includes details on contributions by category as well as the
names and addresses of all contributing parties, individuals, and organizations.


Green Party merchandising projects (T-shirts, bumper stickers, supplies, etc) shall
be authorized by the National Committee or the Steering Committee. Any such
merchandising must be consistent with the Green Partys purpose in design, materials,
production, marketing and distribution, and should always reflect the dual goals of
building public awareness and support for our member Green parties, while generating
income for the Green Party.
Merchandising project leaders and committees shall be designated by the Steering
Committee or by the National Committee in a proposal format.
The Treasurers annual report to the National Committee will detail all merchandising
activities including expenses, income, type and quantities, for each merchandise item
or project. There shall be a clear accounting of various merchandising projects by
the merchandising project leaders to the Green Party Treasurer.


To cover emergencies, sudden expenses, or seed funds for special projects, amounts of $2000 or less may be borrowed, with the express written authorization of the Green Party Steering Committee.
Larger loans must be approved by a vote of the full National Committee.
Whether or not the National Committee approval is required, proposals to borrow in any amount (including the loans source, amount, terms, and purposes) must be reported to the National Committee prior to the final execution of any loan agreement. Any such loan agreement must be signed by the Treasurer and at least one other member of the Steering
Committee, on behalf of the Green Party.

Loan proceeds will be deposited in the Green Partys general operating account.

The Treasurers annual report to the National Committee will include a full report
on the status of all outstanding loans.


Green Party funds may not be placed in any instrument whatsoever other than
Green Party bank accounts without the express, advance, and specific authorization
of the National Committee.


Expenditures from the Green Partys general operating account shall be made
by Treasurer upon written request only when such expenditures have been authorized
in the Green Partys interim, annual, or revised annual budget.

All expenditures must be made by check or credit card.

The Treasurer, when authorized in an approved budget, may make expenditures
from the general funds up to a maximum of $2000 for individual payment without
additional signatures from another designated Steering Committee member.
For payments in excess of the amount of $2000 the Treasurer shall request and
obtain an electronic approval from the designated Steering Committee member for
each payment.
The designated Steering Committee member shall be on the banking signature card.

The Treasurer shall also make individuals payments when the Steering Committee approves discretionary expenditures under policies set forth in these rules.

A petty cash fund will be managed in the national office for the handling of small
local expenses with monthly reports of this fund to the accountant and treasurer.

All expenditures will be recorded and accounted for using accepted banking and
accounting practices, and a report of all expenditures, including payees and amounts,
will be available for member review at the national office.

Bank statements along with their associated banks reconciliations will be available
to any member of the National Committee or Steering Committee upon request.


Once per calendar year, state parties are expected to make available to the
Green Party their donor lists for the purpose of fundraising for the Green Party. The
Green Party will allow other arrangements to be substituted in lieu of forwarding of
state donor lists with the approval of the Green Party Fundraising Committee.

The Fundraising Committee as well other committees/ caucuses/ networks
shall coordinate with the duly designated authority of each such state party
the timing of any solicitation of state donors so as to avoid conflict between
the state and national party fundraising efforts.

Representatives of the Green Party and representatives of accredited state
parties shall negotiate the percentage of revenue which shall be remitted by
the Green Party to each state party from the use of each state donor list for
direct mailing and events. The Green Party shall, upon request of any state party,
make an accounting to the state party of the receipts attributable to donors of
the states donor lists.

In those instances where donations are so shared between the state and the
national parties the maximum contribution allowed by state and federal regulations
shall be allowed to the state and national parties and all sharing shall be done on
a net revenue basis. Before any shared contribution in a given year is accepted
from a donor it will need to be determined by the Treasurer as to whether the
donors state can accept their full share of the money for use by the state party.
If not, the assistance of the state treasurer and the national Treasurer shall be
required for a decision as to the disposition of the states share of the donors

Every Green Party request for donations will include a check off box for up to 50%
of state sharing at the donors request.


The Green Party of The United States Fundraising Committee is the committee
primarily responsible for the raising of funds for the operation of The Green Party
of The United States.

The Green Party will be making ongoing personal solicitations to donors
in all states throughout the year.

Caucuses, other committees and networks may engage in the raising of funds
solely for their own operations as long as they provide timely notice of their efforts
to the Green Party Fundraising Committee.
They may also choose to coordinate and/or partner their fundraising efforts with the Green Party
of The United States. Each accredited caucus, committee and network will create a yearly
fundraising plan and provide a copy of same to the Green Party Fundraing
Committee. In either case, whether the fundraising is done jointly or solely
there shall be coordination with the Green Party Treasurer or designee (i.e. the
accountant, and/or the operations, fundraising, or political directors) for the completion
of the necessary record keeping, the filing of any required reports and the banking
of the monies being generated from the fundraising efforts. In addition there shall
be an accounting of all monies expended in the fundraising efforts and in the
operations following the fundraising efforts.

The Green Party Treasurer or designee shall provide each Treasurer of each
accredited caucus, committee, and network the requisite financial forms, either
in hardcopy or electronic format, to carry out their duties.

The Green Party Treasurer or designee shall provide, on a monthly basis,
each Treasurer of each accredited caucus, committee, and network statements
reflecting all monies deposited and spent.

Each accredited caucus, committee and network will provide to the Treasurer or
designee a working budget for each fundraising event.
At a minimum the following will be provided to the Treasurer or designee: date of
event, type of event, purpose of event, projected startup costs, and receipts
Any state participating in combined fundraising efforts with the Green Party will
provide the same information as above. The Green Party Treasurer or designee
shall provide copies of all appropriate documents to the Steering Committee,
Finance Committee, and Fundraising Committee upon request or when appropriate.



The Green Party shall maintain at a minimum a general operating account
for check writing and depository purposes and a general reserve account
for placement of the partys reserve funds.
Transfers between these accounts may be made by the Treasurer as
needed in accordance with annual budget or upon specific directives from
the Steering Committee.


The Treasurer, in consultation with the Steering Committee and the
Finance Committee, is authorized to obtain credit cards under
the name of The Green Party of The United States, in order to
facilitate normal fiscal operations of The Green Party of The United

The use of the Green Party credit card or any other persons credit card
for Green Party expenditures does not constitute a loan under this
fiscal policy as long as the bill is paid in full each month.
It is the intention of the Green Party to pay all credit cards
charges in full when due except for any disputed items
that were charged on the card. Any decision not to pay the full amount is
subject to the loan provisions of this fiscal policy.

Only the Treasurer is automatically authorized to hold a credit card for
which the Green Party is responsible. For any other person, such as staff
or committee members to be issued a credit card, the Finance Committee
must make a recommendation for the Steering Committee approval.

Additional cards will be designated for that individual so that the
charges to it can be traced to each cardholder.

The Finance Committee shall institute guidelines for credit limits and
authorized usage limits for any credit card issued under the name of the
Green Party based upon the authorized monthly budgetary needs of each
All people herein issued credit cards are required to file a report to
the Treasurer and/or accountant each month by the 10th day of the
following month, indicating what each charge to the credit card is for,
and what budgetary line item covers that expense.
Repeated failure to provide this information is grounds for cancellation
of charging privileges and return of the card at the Treasurers request.

The Green Party credit card may not be used for non-party expenses, or
any unauthorized expenses, under any circumstance. If any person issued
a Green Party credit card uses it for any unauthorized expense,
the Treasurer may cancel the charging privileges of that card and
request immediate return of the card as well as require immediate
repayment of the unauthorized expenses.

The Finance Committee, or any staff and/or volunteers assigned by it, is
authorized and required to monitor the use of the Green Party credit card
to ensure that this policy is followed and enforced.


Interim budget: Until a budget is approved, funds may only be spent for
administrative expenses for the Green Party, including but not limited to
personnel costs, literature costs, post office box, communications
(postage, phones and website maintenance) and expenses associated
with Green Party meetings or an Green Party sponsored nominating
All such expenses must be approved by the National Committee.
Moneys may be spent on dues, or for co-sponsorships with
non-Green Party organizations, only with the advance and specific
approval of the National Committee.

Annual budget: The Steering Committee will propose an annual budget to
the National Committee at each years National Committee meeting which falls
next prior to December 31st or propose it on line before November 15.
The National Committee will then vote to approve or reject the proposed
budget at the meeting or on line.
The annual budget will only be considered approved
after it has been passed by a vote of the National Committee.

The Green Partys fiscal year will be the calendar year ( January 1-
December 31).

The annual budget will incorporate anticipated expenses and income from
all sources. A Green Party reserve fund will be established with a
target of three months of Green Party operating expenses.
Once approved, the annual budget will limit the
purposes and amounts of the Green Partys allowable expenditures, and no
expenditures may be made that are not in that budget.
Appropriate mid-year revisions to the annual budget may be
proposed by the Steering Committee at any time, but require approval by
the National Committee. The Green Partys budget will be a public

The Green Party Steering Committee is authorized to approve minor
expenditures not included in the budget for administrative or emergency
matters without prior approval of the National Committee up to a
limit of $1000 per month.
The National Committee must be informed by email of such an expenditure
within one week. The Steering Committee is also authorized to modify
expenditures for administrative purposes due to unforeseen changes
in costs or plans, limited to total expenditure of $1000 per month.


Authorization of expenditures in the budget does not authorize Green
Party committees, employees or other representatives to actually spend
these funds without specific and separate written permission of the
Treasurer or the Steering Committee. A budget is a projection of the desired
expenditures and does not guarantee that funds will be available.

In order to guarantee reimbursement of expenditure by any committee,
employee or other representative, such person must have written
permission to spend funds as authorized by the budget or this fiscal
The Treasurer may choose to authorize, and any individual may choose to
make an expenditure, based on oral permission, but this does not
constitute a binding debt on the Green Party.

In order to avoid confusion regarding reimbursement, simplify Green
Party reporting and assure a proper fiscal practice, committees, employees and
representatives of the Green Party should make every effort to plan
ahead and have expenses paid directly by the Green Party to avoid the need for

It is the policy of the Green Party of the United States to pay
actual and necessary expenses incurred by authorized Party members and
employees when they travel outside their city of residency while
conducting official business for the Green Party.

All travel by Party members and employees must be approved by the
committee on which the person serves or for employees by their
Committees should not expect the Green Party to pay for all committee
members to attend events.

It is not the intention of the Green Party to pay for delegates or
committee members travel to and from the annual meetings and conventions
except to enhance diversity.
Specifically, to increase the number of participants
who are people of color, women, L.G.B.T.I . (lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, inter sex), youth, the disabled, and any other traditionally
disenfranchised group. While the primary responsibility for travel
assistance for delegates and committee members rests with the state
parties that those individuals represent, it is of such vital importance
to the growth of the Green Party to enhance diversity that the national party
will allow the Diversity Committee to allocate funds from the annual
budget and to raise additional funds to provide financial assistance for
delegates and committee members who represent the above mentioned groups.

Per the fiscal policy on expenditures, all travel expenditures must be
approved by the treasurer prior to commitment of any funds.

In the case of Steering Committee (SC) members may receive an equal
amount of travel funds at the beginning of each budget year. If a SC
members travel exceeds the budgeted amount the SC can vote to disburse
discretionary travel funds for a one time allocation to that member for
specific activity.
Travel expenditures by each SC member will be limited by the amount of
funds in their travel account. A SC member may transfer funds from his
or her own account to that of authorized use for a portion of their
allocation to another SC member if authorized by a vote of the SC.

The treasurer will provide periodic updates of travel expenses for
committees and Steering Committee members. All committees and SC members
are advised to keep track of their spending.

Reimbursable travel expenses will include but not limited to:
registration fees, lodging, transportation, meals and a child care
The reimbursable amount for mileage and food will be paid as determined
by the Internal Revenue Service for business travel. For example in 2002
mileage was on average $.365 per mile. See for details prior to travel.

Every effort must be taken to purchase the least expensive travel. This
may include staying over on a Saturday night by some airlines. The least
expensive class of ticket must be purchased. Purchase tickets well in
advance for best price. When possible negotiate for an exception for
refund and flight changes with airlines.

When selecting lodging the least expensive union facilities will be given
first choice. If a union facility is not available then the least
expensive guideline applies. In all cases members should select lodging
where they feel safe and comfortable.

At the point where the Green Party has contracted with a travel agency,
all travel will be scheduled through that agency.

Party members who require advances before traveling must request the
funds in a timely manner from the Treasurer and must obtain authorization
in writing from the committee, caucus or network they are representing.

All authorized travel by party members and employees will be reimbursed
for all reasonable and necessary expenses upon presentation of receipts,
paid bills, etc.

All reimbursable travel must be reconciled with receipts within 30 days
of reimbursable travel.

Prohibited travel expenses:

Travel by family or companions, except expenses for child care, meals or
other expenses incurred prior to or after the end of the official travel
with the exception of meals while traveling directly to and from activities

Meals and entertainment that are not approved by the Green Party
Treasurer as well as any or all portions of official travel hosted
and/or paid for by others.

Mileage traveled using personal vehicle while not on official travel status

Guest travel

The party may host guests in their official capacities that require
travel funds. The Green Party SC will vote to approve funds from the
discretionary travel funds prior to extending the invitation.
The proposal for such funds will include the name of the guest, the official
purpose of the travel, the itinerary, and the maximum amount to be disbursed.


At each years National Committee meeting next following the end of the
fiscal year (December 31st), the Treasurer shall make an annual report
to the National Committee, detailing the prior years fiscal activities
which will partially consist of the appropriate Federal Elections
Commission report(s) which are viewable in the public domain and include many
details on these fiscal activities.

There will be a standing Finance Committee whose primary task is to
monitor fiscal activities only. The duties of the Finance Committee
are to ensure the fiscal policies are complied with, consult with
staff and the Steering Committee as well as make recommendations to the
National Committee for fiscal policy changes, prepare annual budgets and
draft occasional budget amendments for the consideration of the National
Committee. The Finance Committee will also oversee the daily affairs of party
finances such as bank accounts, methods of disbursement, etc., as well as
obtain an independent annual audit of our financial affairs by a certified
public accountant when authorized by the Treasurer and the Steering Committee.

The Treasurer and accountant will consult with the Finance Committee on
our fiscal policies, and the Finance Committee is authorized to bring
issues concern to the Steering or National Committee and temporarily
halt transactions if they raise concern. The Steering Committee with the
direction of the National Committee shall implement whatever actions are
recommended in order to continue financial transactions.

Membership on the Finance Committee will be, at a minimum, the
Treasurer, the accountant, the designated Steering Committee member who is on the
banking signatory card, and any Steering Committee members who choose to
join. Any member of the National Committee may join with voted approval
of the National Committee. With the approval of their affiliated state
party, persons who are Green Party members but not National Committee
members may join if approved by the National Committee.
Prospective committee members for the Finance Committee shall inform the Steering Committee
of their interest, so that the Steering Committee may call for a timely
election for approval of the new member.
Members may serve until they resign or are removed by their state
party. Members may also be removed for cause by the National
Committee upon a proposal from the Green Party Steering Committee.
The Treasurer shall be the one of the chairpersons of the
Finance Committee and the designated Steering Committee person who is on
the banking signatory card shall be the other co-chairperson of this


Amendments to these policies may be proposed by any member of
the Green Party National Committee at any time, in according to
accordance with the same rules used to adopt or amend any other
procedure of the Green Party of The United States.
All committee, caucus, and network bylaws, rules and procedures are
superseded by these fiscal policies of the Rules and Procedures of
The Green Party of The United States.




Bylaws (updated 04-19-04)

Rules and Procedures (updated 05-24-04)

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