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Ranked Choice Vote ID978
Ranked Choice VoteElection of 2020 PNC Credentials Committee
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats15
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorDavid Gerry
Discussion08/26/2019 - 09/01/2019
Voting09/02/2019 - 09/08/2019
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Candidates Mike Feinstein CA
Jody Grage WA
Wesson Gaige TX
Mike Stewart SC
Sanda Everette CA


Quorum is 34 states/caucuses.

The general charge of the Credentials Committee is to facilitate the credentialing of delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention of the Green Party of the United States.
The Credentials Committee is governed by theRules, Policies & Procedures of the Credentials Committee, as approved by the National Committee through the adoption of Proposal #330.

A Credentials Committee shall be elected by the National Committee to serve each Presidential Nominating Convention. The committee shall serve from the time of their election and until twelve months after the adjournment of each Presidential Nominating Convention.

2-1.1 The Credentials Committee shall consist of not more than fifteen members.
2-1.2 No more than two members of the committee shall be from any one state. Members of the National Committee, in the election of the Credentials Committee, are urged to give preference to maximizing the number of states participating in the work of the Credentials Committee.

Candidate Information

Mike Feinstein CA
. I served on this committee in 2008, 2012 and 2016. I think it is valuable to have people on the committee who have done it in the past. But we also need new blood, as we had too few people in 2016 and it made the workload difficult.

Jody Grage WA
I am nominating myself for the 2019 Presidential Nominating Convention Credentials Committee. I have served on the committee a few times before, GPWA has approved my nomination, and I will be at the PNC in 2020.

Relevant biographical information:
retired school teacher with specialties in math and at-risk and difficult students.

Jody Grage, WA Delegate

Wesson Gaige TX
I accept the nomination to serve on the 2020 PNC Credentials Committee. I intend to come to the PNC in Detroit and pledge to do the work of the committee in preparation of the Convention. I have been a Green for 5+ years and have served in roles from local to regional to state and serve on the NC. Im also the co-chair of the Green Party Peaceaction Committee (GPAX). I have been retired for a long while and have time for this task. My greatest strengths lay in the technical and administrative arenas. I managed IT projects for many years.

Mike Stewart SC
Nomination from Jessica Lazenby SCGP Co-chair: (Dated Aug. 2, 2019)
I would like to nominate my fellow South Carolina Green Party co-Chair, Mike Stewart, to the 2020 PNC Credentialing Committee.
Mike Stewart has been a member of and served in the SCGP since early 2016. Since becoming an active member of the party, Mike has become an elected official in Greenville County, SC as of November 2018, holding the office of Soil and Water Commissioner for a four -year term. Mike also serves as co-chair of the Upstate chapter of the SCGP, and has a perfect record of meeting attendance. On the national level, Mike has served on the International Committee (IC) since 2017. Mike attended the 2016 PNC and the 2017 and 2019 ANMs, and wholly intends to attend the 2020 PNC. If chosen for the CC, he would happily participate in all activities necessary to be a part of the CC.

Statement of Intent from Mike Stewart: (Dated Aug. 2, 2019)
I am looking forward to attending the PNC next year to again be with all of our fellow comrades to nominate our Presidential candidate.
Please let this email serve as my intent to attend the PNC in 2020.

Mike Stewart
South Carolina Green Party State Co-Chair
GPUS International Committee

Sanda Everette CA
I nominate myself as well having served in this role in the past, at least twice. I was hesitating because there have been some years when they were very few of us that were actually doing the work but I was excited to see some of the other people that were volunteering this year. I have attended every convention since 2004 and plan on the next one as well. Like Jody I am a retired teacher... and long time active Green involved in several committees. I am currently cochair of PCSC, and previously cochair of the CA delegation, But after about a decade I decided to give up that role though I am still on the delegation.

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