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Ranked Choice Vote Details

Ranked Choice Vote ID895
Ranked Choice VoteCoordinated Campaign Committee Election
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats7
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorAndrea Merida
Discussion03/06/2018 - 03/11/2018
Voting03/12/2018 - 03/18/2018
Presens Quorum33 0.6666
Candidates Carlos Ochoa, Youth Caucus
Douglas Lary, Connecticut
Erin Doherty, Kentucky
Hillary Kane, Pennsylvania
Jason Nabewaniec, New York
Robert Edward Smith, Maryland
Holly Hart, Iowa
Logan Martinez, Ohio


Note: The discussion period for this election began 2/19/18 but for technical reasons that proposal had to be cancelled and replaced. The replacement, however, did not include all the candidates entered. So the proposal is again cancelled and replaced. Discussion and voting are ending on Sunday as usual.

Background: The Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) is a standing committee of the GPUS that cooperates with state and local chapters in the support of federal, state, and local Green Party electoral campaigns through a variety of different programs and support functions.

The Coordinated Campaign Committee is composed of 10 voting members drawn from affiliated state parties. CCC members are selected annually by the members of the National Committee, and may be members of that committee or of an affiliated state party; no state shall have in excess of one member on the CCC. Vacancies on the CCC are filled by the Steering Committee. The members of the CCC annually elect up to three co-chairs from among its members.

The CCC web page is available at

There are 7 positions open at this time: seats for 4 women and 3 men. Candidates must be nominated in writing by their state parties and accept their nomination by the end of the nomination period. No write-ins are allowed.

Candidate Information

Carlos Ochoa, Youth Caucus
Active in local Green Party chapter during the Stein 16 campaign, involved with education and outreach, organized door-to-door, and direct engagement strategies. Local organizer for a local workers advocacy non-profit, gathered signatures for a medical marijuana ballot initiative.

Douglas Lary, Connecticut
Board of Finance of Windham CT, Northeastern CT Council of Governments -Regional Election Monitor, former Vice Chair Charter Revision Commission of Windham CT, Justice of the Peace.
Candidate for local office several times, held various campaign positions, including treasurer, extensive experience in campaign data collection, voter registration data, and campaign technology.

Erin Doherty, Kentucky
Came to the Green Party through the Stein 16 campaign, 14 years experience working with democratic campaigns at all levels from local to presidential. Volunteer phone banker for Seth Kaper-Dale campaign for Governor of New Jersey. Experienced in issue campaigns with several different organizations and a PhD candidate in Counseling with an emphasis in social justice

Hillary Kane, Pennsylvania
Currently severs as GPUS CCC Co-Chair, Treasurer of GPUS. Has held numerous leadership positions at all levels of the party since that time including secretary, treasurer, and chair of both her local (Philadelphia) and state (Pennsylvania) parties, as well as various roles on candidate campaigns.

Jason Nabewaniec, New York
Has served on the Coordinated Campaign Committee for over a decade and is running for re-election. Jason is also a Former Co-Chair of GPUS, Former Co-Chair GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee, Former Co-Chair GPNYS Campaign Committee, former Chair Green Party of Monroe County and former Chair Genesee County Green Party, and has worked on several campaigns in different roles.

Robert Edward Smith, Maryland
Former Co-Chair of the Green Party of Maryland and former Co-Chair of the Young Greens of the United States. Campaign manager for Green Party candidate Michael Leptic for Allegany County Commissioner, consulted other local candidate, and helped start-up new local Green chapters.

Holly Hart, Iowa
Green candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, Interim campaign manager Cobb/LaMarch'04 and national ballot filing coordinator for Cobb/LaMarche and McKinney/Clemente campaigns, state ballot coordinator for several presidential campaigns, treasurer and volunteer for several Green campaigns of all levels, and member of the GNC as well as several other Green Party roles at all levels.

Logan Martinez, Ohio
Candidate for public office five times, 17 years experience working with Green Party candidates at every level. Logan has worked on many different issues including utility reform, consumer rights, anti-nuclear, environmental, and peace issues. Logan is the Coordinator of the Miami Valley Full Employment Council, an advocacy organization for low income and unemployed people.
Current member of the GPUS CCC, previous member of the GPUS CCC, GNC member, several other Green Party positions.

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