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Ranked Choice Vote ID866
Ranked Choice VoteSelection of Site for 2017 Annual National Meeting
TypeOpen Ballot
Number of Seats1
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorJan Martell
Discussion03/14/2017 - 03/26/2017
Voting03/27/2017 - 04/02/2017
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Candidates Portland, Oregon
Newark, New Jersey


Contact: Tamar Yager,, 502-296-3849

The Annual National Meeting Committee (ANM) has been working with several locations to submit proposals to host the 2017 Annual National Meeting. Two locations have submitted proposals to the committee. The groups were asked to provide budget and substantive information on the locations for various dates in June and July. We were careful to avoid the weekend near July 4. We were also conscious of many states with Pride Fairs in June so we were slightly partial to the July dates. The date for both locations is July 13-16, 2017.
Because many delegates appreciate the intimacy, lower cost and easier networking opportunities of a meeting at a University, we encouraged the planners to seek an all-inclusive venue (food, lodging, meeting space). Both proposals are for university settings. Both have on-campus housing and meals. Both assume the same number of breakout rooms for workshops, space for delegate’s meeting, media, registration, and other events. It is very important to note that many of the venue costs can be negotiated after site is formally chosen. The costs you see on both proposals are the MAXIMUMS for meeting spaces and most other budget items. The travel costs are based on current transportation costs from locations where our staff and Steering Committee currently live. It should be noted that the ANM pays for staff from the registration fees. Steering Committee (SC) travel comes from the general GPUS budget. The SC costs are listed separately on the budget.

This is a ranked choice vote so please vote for both proposals if they are both acceptable ranking your first choice as “1” and your second choice at “2”.
Please remember that cost is only one factor in voting and it is usually negotiable. For example while one location may have lower meeting room costs (thus lower registration cost) other locations may have a higher lodging cost. Before voting, it is suggested you check with those in your state that usually attend the meeting. Some other important additional considerations in ranking the ANM proposals are (in no particular order):
- Geographical location - have we been to area of the country recently? We definitely try to be in a different region for the PNC every 4 years and for the ANM when possible. (PNCs were 2008- Chicago, 2012- Baltimore and 2016-Houston). ANMs were 2009-Durham, 2010- Detroit (in collaboration with the US Social Forum), 2011- Alfred, NY, 2013 - Iowa City, 2014- Minneapolis and 2015- St. Louis.
- Demographics/Diversity - Are there opportunities for outreach to under-represented groups including young people, working class, people of color, and other marginalized populations.
- Activities – are there opportunities to petition, protest or march, participate in registration drives, living wage campaigns, etc.
- Accessibility – are the venue and lodging fully accessible. Is there good public transportation between the transportation centers and the venue.
- Local/state activity – Are there active locals, candidate campaigns, groups of volunteers
- Speakers – Are there a variety of speakers we might get for low/no cost to the party.

Candidate Information

Portland, Oregon
Portland proposal:

Newark, New Jersey
Newark proposal:

None of the above

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