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Ranked Choice Vote Details

Ranked Choice Vote ID804
Ranked Choice VoteCoordinated Campaign Committee Election
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats7
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorJan Martell
Discussion12/07/2015 - 12/13/2015
Voting12/14/2015 - 12/20/2015
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Candidates Maureen Doyle
Holly Hart
Hillary Kane


The Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) is a standing committee of the GPUS that cooperates with state and local chapters in the support of federal, state, and local Green Party electoral campaigns through a variety of different programs and support functions.

The Coordinated Campaign Committee is composed of 10 voting members drawn from affiliated state parties. CCC members are selected annually by the members of the Coordinating Committee, and may be members of that committee or of an affiliated state party; no state shall have in excess of one member on the CCC. Vacancies on the CCC are filled by the Steering Committee. The members of the CCC annually elect up to three co-chairs from among its members.

There are 7 positions open at this time: seats for 5 women and 2 men.

Candidates are invited to submit biographical information.

Candidate Information

Maureen Doyle
Maureen is currently serving as a Worcester County representative on the Green-Rainbow Party State Committee. She is a member of the Candidate Development & Legal Committee where she has served as co-chair and is the CCC liaison.

Holly Hart
Holly is a current member of the CCC and wishes to continue on the committee.

Hillary Kane
Hillary is a current member of the CC and wishes to continue on the committee.

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