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Ranked Choice Vote ID784
Ranked Choice VoteElection to Fill SC Co-chair Vacancy
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats1
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorBudd Dickinson
Discussion05/18/2015 - 05/31/2015
Voting06/01/2015 - 06/07/2015
Presens Quorum30 0.6666
Candidates Andrea Merida


Starlene Rankin resigned from her Co-chair position on the GPUS Steering Committee effective 4/15. The Steering Committee agreed to call for an online election to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term, as specified in GPUS Bylaws and Rules & Procedures.

This Co-chair position term ends July 25, 2015.

There is one nominee. Please rank your choices in order of your preference. Write-ins are permitted.

Candidate Information

Andrea Merida
Andrea Merida is an activist for public education and racial and economic justice from Denver, CO. She is a former elected member of the Denver Board of Education and represented a working-class and predominantly Latino and Vietnamese-descent district and has the distinction of being Denver's first-ever elected official registered as a Green. The very first person of her family to be born a U.S. citizen, she is a veteran of the United States Army.

Andrea is a founding member of Parents Across America, a national grassroots organization that connects parents and activists from across the United States to fight for equity in our nation's schools and to release public education from the clutches of the corporate reform movement.

She currently serves as the co-chair of the Denver Green Party, and during her tenure, Denver Green Party voter registrations jumped 25 percent from 2014 to 2015. She also serves as a member of the Green Party of the United States' national committee as a delegate from Colorado, a member of the Green Party's BRPP and Outreach committees and is active in the Denver local Black Lives Matter movement. Additional work includes as a steering committee member for 15 Now Colorado, whose goal is to launch a ballot initiative campaign to raise Colorado's minimum wage in 2016.

In her "spare" time, she works as a freelance web designer and the manager of a successful funk band.

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