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Ranked Choice Vote ID725
Ranked Choice VoteElection to Fill SC Co-chair Vacancy
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats1
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorTamar Yager
Discussion08/27/2013 - 09/08/2013
Voting09/09/2013 - 09/15/2013
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Candidates Katey Culver
Bahram Zandi


AJ Segneri resigned from his Co-chair position on the GPUS Steering Committee effective 7/29. The Steering Committee agreed to call for an online election to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term, as specified in GPUS Bylaws and Rules & Procedures.

 This Co-chair position term ends the summer of 2014.

 Nominees are invited to include a candidate bio or statement, which will be linked to this ranked choice vote. Please rank your choices in order of your preference. Write-ins are permitted.

Candidate Information

Katey Culver
Hello GP colleagues,
I am back as a delegate after a few year break. I was energized by our
dynamic and foundational presidential campaign last year and decided to
throw my hat in the ring for the vacated SC seat.

I am a co-founder of our state party and 2 locals. I ran for office in '06
and have worked on many campaigns. I am the litigant for the Green Party
of TN in our epic lawsuit against the State of TN for ballot access (it
started in 2006 and isn't over yet). I served on the NC from 2001-2007,
was a SC member 2006-2007 and have been an alternate since. I am co-author
of the 2007 GPUS Moving the Money campaign. I currently serve as GPTN

I am a Permaculture Designer and natural building instructor by trade, a
life-long activist for ecological and social justice, a wife, mother and
grandmother, and tender of 65 beautiful, wooded acres on the Buffalo River
within the Western Highland Rim of TN.

I am an entrepreneur, running my husband's and my architectural design firm
for 17 years. I also owned several companies with green values, services
&/or products through the '80s and '90s. These business skills will serve
me well as an active member of the SC. And even more empowering are the
years of empirical learning about our monetary system, evolutionary
consciousness and mentoring.

It is my honor, and my pleasure, to submit this nomination for the GPUS
Steering Committee.

-- Katey Culver
Perry County Greens
Green Party of TN

Bahram Zandi
Dear NC,

I would like to nominate myself as a candidate for the SC co-chair position.

My Bio:

A native of Iran, I came to the US for Ph.D. study in physics. Entered
the US Green Party in 2000 (then ASGP) during the Nader campaign. In US
Green Party I have been one of the delegates for MD and involved with Green
Alliance, Secular Greens and Diversity committee. Also a delegate to the
GP International Committee where I have been a rep. to the Global Greens
Network and currently a rep. to the Federation of the Green Parties of the
Americas, also manager of the mailing list and the web site.

International Conference activities:

- European Green Party Council, Global Greens, Kiev, Ukraine, 2005
- European Green Party Council, Global Greens, Vienna, Austria, 2007
- Global Green Congress, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2008
- World Social Forum, Belem, Brazil, 2009
- UN Forum 2010, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

- US Social Forum and GPUS ANM, Detroit, Michigan, 2010.

- Food Sovereignty study tour of Venezuela, July 2011.

- Workshop on Iran, GPUS ANM , Baltimore, July 2012.

- European Green Party Council, Global Greens, Athens, Greece, 2012.

- European Green Party Council, Global Greens, Madrid, Spain, 2013.

- Workshop: The Militarization of America, At What Cost?, GPUS ANM, Iowa
City, Iowa, 2013.

Other Organizational and Board of Directors Experience:

*- Membership Coordinator and member of the board of directors, Campbell
Club Student Housing Cooperative (member of NASCO), **University of Oregon,
  Eugene, Oregon, 1981-82*
*- Member, Board of Directors, Iranian Students Association, University of
Oregon, Eugene, OR. 1980-83*
* *
*- Member, Board of Directors, Laughing Horse Cooperative bookstore,
Portland, OR, 1983*
*- Member, Board of Directors and **Membership Coordinator, **Washington
Area Secular Humanists, 1994-1999*
*- Member, Board of Directors, Pinecrest Cluster Homeowners Association,
Reston, VA, 2010-2011 *

*- Member, Board of Directors, Logistics officer and Audio-Visual manager,
 Iranian Cultural Association, Washington, DC, 2010-2013*

*I will bring more diversity to the Steering Committee and help grow our
party. In my international experience with Green parties around the globe
I have found that our party is among the most progressive and I am proud to
be a member of it. We need to demonstrate more leadership, be more
visible and show more presence at the forefront of progressive movements. *
*Thanks for your support.*
*bahram zandi, Ph.D.*
*202-294-5358* <202-294-5358>


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