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Ranked Choice Vote ID379
Ranked Choice VoteGreen Senate Campaign Committee Election
TypeOpen Ballot
Number of Seats7
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorPhil Huckelberry
Discussion02/23/2009 - 03/08/2009
Voting03/09/2009 - 03/15/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Candidates Anita Wessling
Paul McFarland
Gloria Mattera
Chris Lugo
Deb McFarland
Josh Krekeler
Ron Hardy


Green Senate Campaign Committee bylaws were adopted as part of Proposal 346:

This election is to fill all seven seats on the Green Senate Campaign Committee, per GHCC bylaws. The following candidates have been nominated and have accepted those nominations:

Anita Wessling (Arkansas)
Paul McFarland (Arkansas)
Gloria Mattera (New York)
Chris Lugo (Tennessee)
Ron Hardy (Wisconsin)
Deb McFarland (Arkansas)
Josh Krekeler (Ohio)

Candidate Information

Anita Wessling
I've served on the GSCC since it's formation, and am currently serving as the temporary chair. I've been involved in Green political organizing since 2000 and served in various capacities on the local, state and national levels. Prior to moving to Arkansas in 1999, my primary focus was GLBT activism and lobbying in Louisiana. My partner and I are now organic farmers in the Ozarks.
The GSCC has FEC recognition and has been modestly successful in raising funds for Green candidates. I think we can do better and look forward to working with this fine group, including our partners on the GHCC.

Paul McFarland
Paul McFarland is a 51 year old Registered Nurse. He has worked in some type of community activism most of his life. He was involved in ACORN when it was Arkansas Community Organization for Reform Now. He helped Jim Lendall on the first telephone drug crisis line to operate in Arkansas. He helped in the initial effort to get the ERA passed in Arkansas. He worked with Arkansas Woman’s Rights in efforts to rent and raise money for the first Abortion Rights Center in Arkansas.

After obtaining his RN he worked with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and was a volunteer with Recovery Incorporated. He worked with AA, CA, and NA groups both in a professional and a volunteer role. He was involved in the early formation of the East End Free clinic.

During the 2008 political season he worked on the executive committee of the Arkansas Green Party and also served as communications director for his wife Deb McFarland in her run for the US House of Representatives.

He has many years of experience in computer applications and did both text processing and database management for a small medical service company.

Paul is a strong supporter of the Free Software Foundation and a long time opponent of DRM. All of his software has always been open source.

Gloria Mattera
Gloria Mattera is secretary of the Green Party of New York State and was the Green Party candidate for Brooklyn Borough President in 2005 where she qualified for public financing by raising $50,000 in individual donations. She ran for City Council in District 39 in Brooklyn in 2001 and 2003. In 2003, she received 20% of the vote, the best three-way result for a Green in City Council history. Mattera serves on the board of directors of the Green Institute, a forward-looking center for research and policy based on the global values of the Green movement: nonviolence, grassroots democracy, social justice and sustainability.
Mattera has a master's degree in special education and for the past 20 years has worked with children and families as a child life professional in the NYC hospitals. She is a long-time activist in the single payer health care movement and serves on the Executive Board of the NY chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. Mattera is also a member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. She worked with Justice For Detainees to help many immigrants who were incarcerated and/or deported after 9/11 in Brooklyn without charges. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and children.

Chris Lugo
I was the Green Party candidate for US Senate from Tennessee in 2008 and 2006. I ran for office primarily as a peace activist to work to end the war in Iraq. I am currently involved in activist projects based out of Tennessee. I am involved in community media,the Nashville Peace Coalition, the Green Party and support the Nashville Peace and Justice Center on certain activities. I also try to work to bring together the progressive community generally in middle Tennessee, statewide and nationally through dialogue and community building where possible.

Deb McFarland
Deb McFarland is a 47 year old Registered Nurse she has been active in health care rights for some time. She has worked with mental health groups and with volunteers for the American Red Cross. She has worked with AA, CA, and NA groups as a sponsor and medical advisor. She is active in the community serving as a non partisan city councilwoman. She has also worked with the school district. She has been active in fund raising for the community fire and police services.


Debs Father served in the US Air Force and she came to Arkansas when she was two years old after he completed his service. She has lived in Arkansas since that time. She has three brothers and three sisters. Two of them have also served in the military. She has two daughters who have attended public schools and Deb has been active in their school programs and fund raisers.


In 2008 Deb ran as the Arkansas Green Party candidate for the US House of Representatives. She received 64,398 votes which was 23.2% of the turnout. This was the best parentage ever for a green candidate for the US house. She continues her interest and involvement in green issues. She was reappointed to the city council after she had resigned to run for national office.

Josh Krekeler
I’ve been the Convener of the Southwest Ohio Green Party for three years. I’ve petitioned and campaigned for David Cobb in Ohio in 2004, our gubernatorial candidate Bob Fitrakis in 2006, and a Green candidate for Cincinnati City Council in 2007, in addition to a few local ballot issues. Our greatest successes have come as key partners in a progressive-conservative alliance known as We Demand a Vote, which formed in 2007 to organize a referendum campaign to stop the County Commissioners from raising the sales tax rate to build a new jail. Voters rejected the tax increase, and our 2008 initiative to prevent the City of Cincinnati from pursuing a contract for red light cameras also passed. The alliance, led by the local NAACP, also includes the “Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes” (COAST), in addition to Libertarian activists and other concerned citizens. With COAST and the NAACP, we also supported a measure to use Proportional Representation for City Council elections, which was defeated in last year’s election by 47%-53%.

I have a strong appreciation for the Green Party’s values as a guide to public policy development and life in general, and I try to apply them to my everyday decision-making. I’ve been a delegate to the National Committee from Ohio since last spring. Although my primary focus is on local issues, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to actively serve the national party as a member of the GSCC. Some areas in which I feel I can help the committee are policy/platform consultation, data entry, writing, and talking to candidates. It will likely take a lot of time and luck for a Green to get elected to the Senate, but the doors to Federal government will not open for us if we don’t push them.

I invite any delegate who’d like to know more to contact me by e-mail at or by phone at (513) 368-4062.

Ron Hardy
Originally from Iowa, I live in Oshkosh, WI and have been actively
involved with the Green Party since 2004. I am currently a Delegate to
the NC, Treasurer of the Wisconsin Green Party, Chair of the WIGP
Elections Committee, Chair of the local Lake Winnebago GP, and
co-chair of the Tony Palmeri for Oshkosh Campaign. I was the State
Volunteer Coordinator for Wisconsin for the McKinney PTTP Campaign,
and Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Green Party from 2006-2008.

I have worked closely on a number of state campaigns, including Todd
Price for Superintendent of Public Instruction 2009, Rae Vogeler for
US Senate 2006, Nelson Eisman for Governor 2006, Winston Sephus Jr for
State Treasurer 2006, Mike LaForest for Sec. State 2006, Tony Palmeri
for State Assembly 2004; as well as local campaigns including Jenni
Ryan & Bob Poeschl for Common Council 2005, Michelle Bogden for
Common Council 2006, Tony Palmeri for Common Council 2007, Donna Lohry
for County Board 2006 & 2008. I have also worked on issue campaigns
locally including the Troops Home Now initiative in 2006. I am
currently the Chair of the City of Oshkosh Energy & Environment
Advisory Board.

I am happy to answer any questions at

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