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Ranked Choice Vote ID378
Ranked Choice VoteGreen House Campaign Committee Election
TypeOpen Ballot
Number of Seats9
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorPhil Huckelberry
Discussion02/23/2009 - 03/08/2009
Voting03/09/2009 - 03/15/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Candidates David McCorquodale
Ann Link
Matthew Lavery


Green House Campaign Committee bylaws were adopted as part of Proposal 346:

This election is to fill all nine seats on the Green House Campaign Committee, per GHCC bylaws. The following candidates have been nominated and have accepted those nominations:

David McCorquodale (Delaware)
Ann Link (New York)
Matthew Lavery (New York)

Candidate Information

David McCorquodale
I have been an active, registered Green since 2003, a National Delegate from the Green Party of Delaware since late 2004 and a member of the Green Pages Committee since the summer of 2005.
I am also the Treasurer of the Green Party of Delaware.

My most relevant experience was serving as the Treasurer for the campaign of Michael Berg when he ran for the lone U.S. congressional seat from Delaware in 2006. I have experience dealing with the FEC and submitting the required reports to both the FEC and the state government.

Treasurers are the most important positions in political campaigns for they are the ones who have to answer to authorities if accounting problems occur. My experience could be helpful in communicating what pitfalls to avoid.

Ann Link

2008 Research and Surveys for Cynthia McKinney Power to the People Campaign

2006 Media Coordinator for Alison Duncan Campaign for Lieutenant Governor, Researcher for Malachy McCourt Campaign for Governor – press releases; print ad buys; surveys and endorsements

2005 Media Co-Coordinator for Gloria Mattera Campaign for Brooklyn Borough President – research; press releases; print, radio and TV ad buys


2007-present Founder and Co-Chair of GPUS Speakers Bureau

2004 Co-Organizer of "A Green World is Possible" festival in Washington Square Park during Republican Convention in NYC

2004 Co-Organizer of Region 2 Green Party (NYC) Presidential Nominating Convention

2002-06 Green Party of New York State (GPNYS) Committee Member representing enrolled Greens in the 52nd AD – developed platform and online voting proposals

2000 Outreach Co-Coordinator for Park Slope Nader Campaign

1999-present Delegate to the GPUS Media Committee, Media Committee liaison to the GPUS Annual Meeting Committee (2004-present)

1997-99 Member of Green Choice promoting an enrollment-based statewide Green Party, NY delegate to the Association of State Green Parties from Nov. 1998 - Oct. 1999

1996-present Petitioned and campaigned for Green Party candidates in many elections from local to federal

Matthew Lavery
I am eager for an opportunity to serve the Party by
working on the House Campaign Committee. I hope to bring
to the committee key elements of the foreign (Green Party
of England and Wales) campaigns on which I have worked,
particularly targeting and framing strategies. For a more
detailed overview of my thoughts on the role of ³branding²
and ³leadership² in campaign strategy, please view a talk
given to the Babylon Town (N.Y.) Green Gathering on 2 July
2008 at

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