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Ranked Choice Vote ID300
Ranked Choice VoteNational Green Party Senatorial Campaign Committee Election, 2007
TypeOpen Ballot
Number of Seats7
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorHolly Hart
Discussion06/25/2007 - 07/08/2007
Voting07/09/2007 - 07/15/2007
Presens Quorum33 0.6666
Candidates Anita Wessling
Brent White
Dave Jette
Eric Oines
Jim Lendall
Marc Sanson
Teresa Keane


Proposal #223, Creation of National Green Party House and Senatorial campaign committees, was adopted by the GPUS National Committee on 6/19/06. The National Geen Party Senatorial Campaign Committee hereby announces a
call for nominations for membership.

Rules: Any member of the Green National Committee may nominate a candidate of her or his choice to stand for election to the NGPSCC. The period for nomination of candidates will last two weeks, and serve as the discussion period. The voting period will last one week.

Each candidate will get to submit a 250-word statement making the case for electing her or him to the committee.

Preferred qualifications: Candidates should have previous experience in working on federal campaigns and on working on GPUS committees.

Candidate Information

Anita Wessling
Most of my previous experience in organizing and fundraising was focused strictly on GLBTIQ issues. (Lambda Group in Baton Rouge and LAGPAC in New Orleans).

Since moving to Arkansas, and joining the Green Party in 2000, I've served as GPA co-ordinator, GPUS delegate, Boone County co-chair and for the last six years, GPA secretary. Currently, I serve as vice-chair of the Green Senatorial Campaign Committee.

My one true love (well ok, my second true love - besides Donna, my partner of 11 yrs.) has always been growing things. An avid gardener since childhood, I will always be in awe of the gifts of the earth and thrilled to watch seeds that I planted grow into something good. I try to look at my work with the Geen Party in much the same way, planting seeds that will grow into good things and as a gift back to the earth.

For this reason, I am seeking a second term on the GSCC.

Thank you for your consideration.

Brent White
Founder and Secretary, Green Senatorial Campaign Committee

I would like to thank the GNC for creating the GSCC. I would also like to thank Teresa Keane, Anita Wessling, Eric Oines, Dean Myerson (our non-voting Treasurer), and Dave Jette for all your work this first year, including how everyone pitched in to do

The work of the GSCC is very important. The world judges our party by what our top-of-the-ballot candidates do.

More to the point, if we want to influence the decisions that come out of Congress, we can't have a willy nilly approach to federal campaigns. We have to have strategy. During the first year of the GSCC we've moved swiftly in the direction of having what I
could call "electoral strategy" with a straight face. Indeed, we already have a candidate lined up -- in Arkansas! -- to run against the most hawkish Democrat senator up for re-election in 2008.

The GSCC needs more help. I hope you will consider asking people you know who have experience running for high-level office, or fundraising, to run as write-in candidates for the GSCC. That's how we got Dave Jette.

Let's make a difference in federal policy. The world is depending on us.

Dave Jette
I've been a Green Party member since 1999, and in 2001 I served as Secretary of the Green Party of Seattle after playing an active role in its organizational restructuring. After that I dropped out of organizational involvement in the Green Party until the beginning of last year, feeling that the Green Party was going nowhere. Nonetheless, commencing in 1999 I've served as the Treasurer for seven election campaigns of Green Party members, including at present Joe Szwaja's campaign for Seattle City Council. Five of these were or are for Seattle nonpartisan offices, but two were Green Party campaigns for federal office: Joe Szwaja's run for Congress in 2000, and Aaron Dixon?s campaign for the U.S. Senate last year. I believe that the Green Party is the only viable alternative to the two-party system, and that it is indeed practical for us to build the Party nationally into an effective progressive electoral organization.

Accordingly, I have resumed organizational involvement in the Green Party, and have served again as Secretary of the Green Party of Seattle since the beginning of last year. I joined the Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of Washington State last summer, and since last December I've been the state Deputy Treasurer. At the national level, I've served on the Senatorial Campaign Committee since last summer, and on both the Finance Committee and the Fundraising Committee since March.

Eric Oines
My name is Eric Oines and I have been nominated to serve a second term on the Green Senatorial Campaign Committee (GSCC). I currently serve as the Assistant Treasurer of the GSCC. I am 46 years old, married, with two daughters. I am Director of the Youth Development Division at a large non-profit in Minneapolis. I have worked in the non-profit arena for 10 years. I have also been a corporate middle manager, a high school Social Studies teacher, a restoration artisan, an actor, a Green Party endorsed candidate for state office, and several other things.
In the past year, the GSCC has worked to raise and distribute funds in support of GP candidates for US Senate. We were also able to gain recognition from the FEC as a National Committee - the first non-duopoly party to do so. In the coming 2007-08 election cycle, we hope to assist with ballot access petition drives, voter registration, GOTV efforts and coordinated strategy in addition to fundraising.
I am willing to serve, and I humbly ask that the Green National Committee for their approval to serve on this committee.
Respectfully Submitted, In Peace and Cooperation,
Eric Oines
Minneapolis, MN

Jim Lendall
1965-69 - Campus Radio/TV - camera, technical Director, announcer, carpenter ($.90/hour)
1965-69 - Student - Chemical engineering, Physics, and Math until I ran out of money
1969 - Forestry Firefighter
1970-71 - Draftee U.S. Army
1967-75 - Peace activist and writer for alternative newspapers
1971 - Conscientious Objector (honorable) discharge from U.S. Army
1972-5 - Volunteer at Arkansas Ecology Center
1971-85 - Restoration carpenter
1973-77 - Series of successful court cases challenging Arkansas' burdensome election laws for independent candidates
1975 - BA - History and Political Science
1971-85 - Crisis intervention counselor and director/trainer crisis intervention services
1985 - BS - Registered Nurse
1985-present - RN at Arkansas Children's Hospital
1989-91 - Arkansas Legislator (Independent)
1999-2005 - Arkansas Legislator (Democrat) (term-limited)
  Considered to be the most (usually only) liberal legislator - sponsoring bills for drug law reform,
  health care, civil liberties, human rights, opposition to the death penalty (the only "no" vote in
  most cases), the only legislator to vote against support of the invasion of Iraq (and I got
  re-elected), sponsor of domestic partnership bills, contraceptive equity, and environmental laws.
2006 - Green Party nominee for Governor of Arkansas.
During those periods, I have been active in many areas: assisting Viet Nam vets in getting discharge upgrades;
serving on the Board of the Arkansas Chapter of ACLU in the 70's, 80's, and 90's; member of the Arkansas Peace
Center during each of its incarnations in those decades; pro-choice activist; vocal advocate for reform of
drug laws and election ballot access.

Marc Sanson
I look forward to serving GPUS on the Senatorial Campaign Committee. This committee?s work is
vital not only in recruiting and supporting candidates for U.S. Senate, but in laying groundwork
for similar efforts aimed at candidates for state legislatures and the U.S. House of
Representatives. As a past candidate, I know the pressures, obstacles and tasks facing candidates
for all levels of offices. As a past staffer, consultant and manager, I know what resources,
funds and effort it takes to build effective, organized and credible campaigns. I would be honored
to contribute my knowledge and experience to help this committee to recruit and support Green
candidates in 2008 and beyond.

Electoral Experience
* Consultant, staffer, volunteer for 30+ local, state and federal campaigns since 1986
* Springfield Greens - Founder, co-chair (2000-2004), member since 2000
* Illinois Green Party - co-chair (2002-2004), coordinating committee (2000-2006), member
since 2000
* G.P.U.S. - Steering Committee (Co-chair 2004-2006), delegate (2003-2007), Committees:
Presidential Exploratory (2003-2004), Presidential Campaign Support (2004-2006)
Fundraising (2004-2006), Annual National Meeting (2004-2007), Finance (2004-2007).
* Ralph Nader for President, 2000 - Springfield, IL petitioning/campaign coordinator
* Joe Lanter for Sangamon County Board, 2002 - Campaign Manager
* Marc Sanson for Springfield Alderman, 2003 - Candidate
* David Cobb for President, 2004 - Springfield, IL petitioning coordinator, GPUS liaison,
* Scott Summers for U.S. Senate, 2004 - Springfield, IL petitioning/campaign coordinator
* Rae Vogeler for U.S. Senate, 2006 - Campaign manager
* Illinois Central College - Political Science Professor (Since 2002)

Respectfully submitted,
Marc Sanson, ILGP

Teresa Keane
1990-2007 PGP member in good standing
1990- Founding member of the Pacific Party, collecting signatures to qualify for ballot access
1993-1995, State Coordinating Committee member
2005-2006, State Coordinating Committee member
2000, OR delegate to the National Presidential Convention
2004, OR delegate to the National Presidential Convention
2004 PGP U.S. Senate PGP Candidate receiving 2.5% of the vote. This campaign accomplished 2 goals. The first was to debate the sitting Democratic Senator and the second was to come in ahead of the Libertarian candidate.
2004 Platform Committee
2004-2006 SCC
2006 platform committee, wrote environmental plank
2006 Wrote PGP Healthcare for All Oregon comprehensive healthcare plan
2006 National Green Party Senatorial Campaign Committee

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