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Ranked Choice Vote ID237
Ranked Choice VoteNational Green Party Senatorial Campaign Committee Election -- V 2
TypeOpen Ballot
Number of Seats7
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorHolly Hart
Discussion07/15/2006 - 07/16/2006
Voting07/17/2006 - 07/23/2006
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Candidates Anita Wessling
Brent White
Daryl Northrop
Eric Oines
Roger Snyder
Teresa Keane


Proposal #223, Creation of National Green Party House and Senatorial campaign
committees, was adopted by the GPUS National Committee on 6/19/06. With the
adoption of that proposal the Coordinated Campaign Committee hereby announces a
call for nominations for the National Geen Party Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Due to the urgency of getting this committee up and running in time to
participate effectively in the 2006 election cycle, an expedited election
process will take place.

The Senatorial Campaign Committee will be elected before the House Campaign
Committee so that (1) candidates can stand for election to the house committee
if they fail to get elected to the senatorial committee; and (2) one committee
can follow the otherís lead as these committees establish precedent in pursuit
of their respective Advisory Opinions from the Federal Elections Commission.

Rules: Any member of the Green National Committee may nominate a candidate of
her or his choice to stand for election to the NGPSCC. The period for
nomination of candidates will last two weeks, and serve as the discussion
period. The voting period will last one week.

Each candidate will get to submit a 250-word statement making the case for
electing her or him to the committee. This statement must be turned in to the
Party Secretary by midnight PDT at the end of the nomination period.

Preferred qualifications: Candidates should have previous experience in
working on federal campaigns and on working on GPUS committees.

Candidate Information

Anita Wessling
I'm in my 4th year as delegate from Arkansas and would like to help make the National Party a better resource for State Parties. I've served as Coordinator of the Green Party of Arkansas and I'm currently in my second term as GPA Secretary and Co-chair of my county local.
Thanks for your consideration.

Brent White
Experience from volunteering on over 100 campaigns
Helped recruit candidates in nearly a dozen Congressional races
Has served on the Coordinated Campaign Committee, the Accreditation Committee, and the Floor Rules Working Group, and is not afraid to admit it
Currently serves as Vice Chair of the Green Party of Washington State
Has raised over $1000 in pledges to get the senatorial campaign committee off the ground

As a candidate for the senatorial campaign committee, Iíve put my money where my big mouth is, and pledged the first $200 to the committee. Other Greens have responded by joining in pledging that amount. We need 51 contributors of $200 apiece so we can file for national senatorial committee status with the FEC.

We have the opportunity this year to become a bigger threat to the re-election hopes of pro-war, pro-corporate incumbent Democrats than the Republicans are. Only by becoming that threat will we succeed in bringing Congress to Jesus and bringing our soldiers home.

In memoriam of my uncle Jerry White, who succumbed to the effects of agent orange and could not get the health care he needed in this country,
Brent White

Daryl Northrop
I would be honored to help with this new committee. As the Iowa Green
Party candidate for US Senate in 2004, I found that Iowans were
desperately ready for new voices, new ideas, and a new accountability in
their Senate candidates. My other duties for the Green Party are
co-chair of the Polk County Greens, and co-chair of the Iowa Green Party

My campaign achieved 15,400 votes, the most a Green Senate candidate has
achieved in Iowa, and I was the candidate endorsed by a major newspaper,
the Iowa City Press-Citizen (owned by Gannett).

As a member of this committee, I will work to support and build a
structure that can assist our US Senate candidates to achieve greater
success at the ballot box, lasting organizations, shared learning of
campaign lessons, and most importantly, bringing Green Party values and
policies to the public, because they are ready to support them!

Eric Oines
My name is Eric Oines and I have been nominated by the CC of the Green
Party of Minnesota to serve on the Senate Campaign Committee. I am 45
years old, married, with two daughters. While I am of European
extraction, my wife and daughters are Muslim and my partner was born in
Tanzania. A Social Studies teacher by training, I am Director of the
Youth Development Division at a large non-profit in Minneapolis. I have
worked in the non-profit arena for 10 years. I have also been a corporate
middle manager, a highschool teacher, a restoration artisan, an actor, a
Green Party endorsed candidate for state office, and several other things.
 Many of my various employment/volunteer/campaign positions have involved
fundraising and reporting to public and private agencies. I have, I
believe, a very diverse background and life experience.

With these various life experiences, and as a former National Committee
Delegate from the GPMN, state office candidate and veteran of many
campaigns, I feel I have the knowledge and experience to able to help
facilitate the direction the National Green Party takes through this next
national election cycle. The creation of these national campaign
committees as a vehicle of funding candidates in state affiliated parties
can be a slippery slope toward the same ills that affect the conscious and
judgment of the two major corporate parties; something that should be
avoided if at all possible. For instance, I do not believe that the GPUS
should accept any soft money with any implied earmark for a particular

I am willing to serve, and have been informed of the duties,
responsibilities and time commitment involved.

I humbly ask that the Green National Committee for their approval to serve
on this committee.

Respectfully Submitted,
In Peace and Cooperation,

Eric Oines
North Minneapolis, Minnesota

Roger Snyder
Bio to follow.

Teresa Keane
Pacific Green Party Membership Biography

1990-2006 PGP member in good standing
1990- Founding member of the Pacific Party, collecting signatures to qualify for ballot access
1993-1995, State Coordinating Committee member
2005-2006, State Coordinating Committee member
2000, OR delegate to the National Presidential Convention
2004, OR delegate to the National Presidential Convention
2004 PGP U.S. Senate PGP Candidate receiving 2.5% of the vote. This campaign accomplished 2 goals. The first was to debate the sitting Democratic Senator and the second was to come in ahead of the Libertarian candidate.

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